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Angela Carter - Wolf Quartet

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An Angela Carter wolf quartet:


"The Werewolf";

"The Company of Wolves";


"Peter and the Wolf".


The Wolfman's illustration of his famous dream.


I dreamed that it was night and I was lying in my bed. Suddenly the window opened of its own accord, and I was terrified to see that some white wolves were sitting on the big walnut tree in front of the window. There were six or seven of them. The wolves were quite white, and looked more like foxes or sheep-dogs, for they had big tails like foxes and they had their ears pricked like dogs when they pay attention to something. In great terror, evidently of being eaten up by the wolves, I screamed and woke up.



"The Werewolf"

 The Werewolf.pdf



"The Company of Wolves"


Read Carter's story.  

The Company of Wolves.pdf


These montages emphasise the elements of the "Little Red Riding Hood" narrative which Carter subverts in her wolf stories. Which images of the transformation taking place within the female adolescent character do we notice?


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"Sweet Dreams"


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Finally, here is a scene from the Neil Jordan movie The Company of Wolves (1981). With which qualities is the werewolf associated? How would you describe Little Red Riding Hood's victory over the wolf?


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"Peter and the Wolf"

 Peter and the Wolf.pdf 



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